New Purchase Option

You've probably been to a hockey tournament that had contract photographers shooting the games. You also may have noticed that in some cases they've offered the option of buying a CD of all the photos they took of your team for a flat fee of around $300-$400. Sounds like a lot until you consider that by the time all the parents pitch in, it comes out to around $20 per parent. And when you consider that you get the original high-resolution files of all the photos, you realize what a great deal it really is. With the digital files you can email copies to your family, post them on your Facebook page and make all the prints you want, at any sizes you want.

I've been asked on numerous occasions if this is something I would consider. Well, I've considered it and have decided that it might be a better way to work. So, for the coming travel and rec seasons (and adult league), if you would like to consider this option, I'm game. Just get together with your team manager or coach and have them contact me and if my schedule allows, I'll be there.

The photography fee for each game will be $295, collected by a team representative, payable by check or cash before the start of the game. I will return to that team representative, CDs for each contributing parent with 150-200 images from the game. Although I'm not able to guarantee an equal number of photos of each player, I will do my best to come as close as possible.

For your convenience, the cost per parent works out like this:

Please keep in mind that although it's true you will be paying more per parent when there are fewer players on the team. You will also be receiving more photos of your child since I will be shooting between 150 and 200 photos regardless of how many players are out there. Fewer players, more photos for your share. More players, your share costs less. It works out either way.

I'm very excited to offer this new option. I think, in these difficult financial times, this is a great way to preserve these memories with an arrangement that's much easier on your pocketbook. Plus, getting the digital files will give you more options than buying traditional prints.